Real Estate Developer
Sherif Aoun

About the job:

What you do

Real Estate Developers buy land, finance real estate deals, build projects, and orchestrate the process of development from the beginning to end.

The tough stuff

As a Real Estate Developer, you will have to:

  • Risk losing money in times of economic depression 
  • Be able to quickly think on your feet, since many issues can arise in the development process 
The cool stuff

As a Real Estate Developer, you may get to:

  • Earn higher than average income, when the economy is in your favor  
  • Contribute to the economic growth of the country you're developing buildings in 
Typical work hours
  • 60+ hours a week

Are you the right fit?

Classes you should be good at
  • Business/Economics
Best high school track(s)
  • Any Track
Personal qualities
  • Expressing yourself verbally
  • Leadership Skills
  • Reasoning & Problem Solving

Will you make money?

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Education stuff:

Education required

To become a Real Estate Developer, a Bachelor's degree in Business or a Business-Related field is preferable. 

However, you must have extensive knowledge of the real estate market. You will also need to know about law, business administration, construction management, civil engineering, urban development, and the different processes required in order to develop new real estate properties from the ground up.

Helpful resources
Local universities
International universities

Video Description

Real Estate, to many, is about creating new houses. To Sherif Aoun, it’s about creating homes. Learn how he built his career, and how he’s leaving his mark on the skylines of Beirut.


In 1998, Sherif Aoun graduated from ALBA with a degree in Architecture. He proceeded to join his family's business in Construction in 2005, developing real estate projects in Achrafieh. He is currently the General Manager of the company, covering Contracting/Architecture & Real Estate. His work mostly consist of managing a team of 20 people in the office of Architects & Engineers & 30 people on the ground. Sherif believes that you must be convinced by your choices and ultimately love what you do.