You got questions? We got answers!

What is Nooreed?

Nooreed is a free video service that helps you answer the common question: “what do I want to be when I am older?”

It is a complement to other career guidance methods - but of course it's much more fun :). 

Nooreed uses a library of high quality videos about different professions in different fields.  The videos give you expert information on what jobs entail, what skills are needed, and much more. Nooreed also includes information about many other jobs, salary data, market trends, education options, and other information to help you decide what to do when you are older. 

I didn't find the video I want. Can I request it?

If you are curious about a job that we don’t have, you can suggest it using the Get in touch page, or the suggestion at the bottom of the category selection page.

Can you add subtitles for the videos? 

All the videos have subtitles in Arabic 'الفصحى' and in English. Some even have French.  You can turn on the subtitle you want from the settings menu in the video player. 

Do you have a mobile app?

We are working on one so please register with us and we’ll notify you as soon as it’s available.

Can I add my video to the Nooreed library?

Yes, Nooreed is always adding new videos.  If you’d like to share your job with others, please contact us with information about yourself and your job.

What is job shadowing? 

Job shadowing gives you the opportunity to observe or “shadow” someone doing their job. You actually get to visit the person's work place and see how they work.  Note: if you are under 18, you'll need to coordinate this activity with your parents. 

How do I apply for job shadowing?

After you watch a video about a specific career, you can apply for job shadowing using the button on that same page.  You will need to register so we can contact you in case you are selected. 

Is Nooreed endorsed by the Ministry of Education?

Yes, we are! With the Ministry of Education's endorsement, we are able to spread the word and give free presentations to schools throughout the nation.  

What is the Nooreed Career Assessment?

The assessment on the Nooreed website is based on the Holland Code career inventory test, also known as RIASEC.  This is a universally recognized assessment that helps people identify potential career options. Nooreed has adapted this test to fit the needs of its target audience.  

Who are the founders of Nooreed?

Nooreed was founded by Nour Jabra and Fady Lamaa.

What are their backgrounds? 

Nour is a business school graduate with experience in various aspects of marketing and business development.  As a young entrepreneur, she is passionate about helping the youth because she struggled with this challenge. Fady has over 25 years of technology, management, and business experience in the USA, UAE, and Lebanon. Prior to joining Nooreed, Fady spent 2 years helping his children and their school with various aspects of career orientation.