Digital Transformation Consultant
Hussein Dajani

About the job:

What you do

A Digital Transformation Consultant helps companies update their businesses to reflect digital trends. Examples of these trends include analyzing data, using social media and smart embedded devices (IoT) to change how businesses interact with their customers and how they operate internally. 

The tough stuff

As a Digital Transformation Consultant, you will have to: 

  • Convince decision-makers about the changes they need to make to update their business 
  • Help decision-makers understand that the investments they are making today, will take time to show results
The cool stuff

As a Digital Transformation Consultant, you will get to: 

  • Help change cultures and businesses
  • Help businesses become more efficient and build better relationships with their customers 
Typical work hours
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Are you the right fit?

Classes you should be good at
  • Business/Economics
Best high school track(s)
  • Any Track
Personal qualities
  • Expressing yourself verbally
  • Reasoning & Problem Solving

Will you make money?

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Education stuff:

Education required
  • A Bachelor's degree in Business is recommended, however the essence of being a Digital Transformation Consultant is to be able to keep learning new things and to adapt accordingly. 
Helpful resources
Local universities
International universities

Video Description

In this Nooreed Interview, Digital Marketing Leader Hussein Dajani gives us an overview on the way business and jobs are evolving. He helps companies adapt to the changes in technology and culture and is a renowned advisor and motivational speaker.

We collaborated with Hussein for this nooreed interview to give you a chance to think about how your dream job will evolve in the coming years, and how you can best position yourself for success.


Hussein has over 17 years of solid Marketing Communication experience in the space leading and building integrated marketing practices and customer experience journeys within multinational agencies (JWT, Leo Burnett, and TBWA\), clients (Saudi Telecom Co., Vodafone, Nokia, Visa, and HSBC) and companies (Fortune 500 –Virgin Mobile, Red Bull, Nissan Motor Co.), across the Middle East and Africa region.

Recently, by nomination from the Global Chairman and Patron of the World Marketing Congress, Hussein has been featured in the 50 most influential digital marketing leaders listing for 2017.

Furthermore, Hussein has been voted by the Huffington Post as among the 10 people changing the marcomm landscape in the MENA region, and in Gulf Marketing Review's GMR’s list of 40 of the brightest marketing professionals under the age of 40 in the Middle East.