Raed El Khazen

About the job:

What you do

A Musician practices his passion of playing music to entertain and/or make money. Musicians may perform as solo artists, in bands, ensembles, choirs, and orchestras either in front of live audiences or in the recording studio.  

The tough stuff

As a Musician, you will have to:

  • Stand out from the crowd- talent alone is not enough!
  • Deal with financial instability 
  • Deal with criticism 
  • Constantly produce good work so that you can continue to make a living 
The cool stuff

As a Musician, you get to: 

  • Do what you love for a living!
  • Inspire other people through your music
  • Perform live and possibly travel to perform
  • Reach audiences through the Internet
Typical work hours
  • You won't have a regular Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm work pattern.
  • Rehearsals usually take place during the day and performances in the evenings, though this can vary.

Are you the right fit?

Classes you should be good at
  • Music
Best high school track(s)
  • Any Track
Personal qualities
  • Hearing Sensitivity
  • Expressing yourself verbally
  • Dexterity (hands and fingers)
  • Originality

Will you make money?

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Education stuff:

Education required
  • A formal education is not required for a career in Music, however, aspiring classical performers may benefit from a Bachelor's Degree in Musicology. 
Helpful resources
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International universities

Video Description

2 years into studying Civil Engineering at AUB, Raed El Khazen picked up a guitar and found the music inside of him. Quickly establishing himself as one of the most innovative and prolific producers to work with in the Arab world today, Raed is credited for guiding the new sounds of bands like Mashrou’ Leila and Tanjaret Daghet.
Think you have what it takes to devote your career towards making music? 


Raed El-Khazen is a guitarist and producer with a global portfolio spanning 20 years. Raed recounts a critical moment in his career, which happened as a teenager, "Finding the music inside at 19 made me realize that there is something far more important than surviving, which is the quality of the life you are living, and that what you do with it is in fact the most important aspect of your happiness. I felt empowered; all of a sudden choices became available to me and it was the first time I was allowed to improvise with my life and experience the consequences of my choices. Looking back everything happens for a reason: even the most bitter of experiences will somehow set you free if you see the choices they offer."