Simon Barakat

About the job:

What you do

As a Pharmacist, you give different types of medications to patients. You advise patients on the safe amount and right time for these medications. You also check the medical history of patients to make sure that the medications will not have a negative effect on their health.

The tough stuff

As a Pharmacist, you will have to:

  • Be extremely careful and methodological when dispensing medicine to your customers
  • Stand on your feet for many hours during your shift(s)
  • Deal with difficult customers
The cool stuff

As a Pharmacist, you will get to:

  • Help your customers recover and maintain their health
  • Work in different settings, such as a Shop or a Hospital
  • Potentially start your own business and make a good income
Typical work hours
  • 50-60 hours per week
  • 20-30% nights and weekends

As a pharmacist, your work hours can vary significantly because some pharmacies are open 24 hours. You may work at night shifts or on weekends as well.

Are you the right fit?

Classes you should be good at
  • Math
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
Best high school track(s)
  • Life Sciences
Personal qualities
  • Understanding what you hear
  • Expressing yourself verbally
  • Problem Sensitivity
  • Good With Numbers
  • Reasoning & Problem Solving

Will you make money?

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Education stuff:

Education required
  • You need a degree in Pharmacy to be a professional pharmacist.
Helpful resources
Local universities
International universities

Video Description

What do pharmacists do? What’s the difference between a pharmacist and a doctor? Simon Barakat talks about the reality of being a pharmacist. If you are curious about how medicine interacts with the body and want to help people stay healthy, then a career in pharmacy could be the match for you.



Simon Barakat is a pharmacist and manages his own pharmacy in Lebanon. He first obtained his BS in Biology and then took a few years to reflect and figure out what to do next. He knew he liked interacting with people and was inspired to pursue pharmacy after a long conversation with his friend’s father. He fell in love with the many opportunities in the field and encourages students to follow their hearts.