TV Anchor
Ghida Majzoub

About the job:

What you do

As a TV Anchor, you present news on TV. You cover national as well as international news and share them in a simple and informative way to viewers. You also conduct discussions on important topics and news.

The tough stuff

As a TV Anchor, you may have to:

  • Work irregular hours when covering breaking news
  • Remain calm when presenting potentially upsetting news
The cool stuff

As a TV Anchor, you may get to:

  • Be the first to break important news
  • Connect with large audiences
  • Be recognized in public places
Typical work hours
  • 40-50 hours per week
  • 20% irregular hours

You may work irregular hours when covering breaking news and special events.

Are you the right fit?

Classes you should be good at
  • Languages (English or French or Arabic)
Best high school track(s)
  • Humanities
Personal qualities
  • Understanding what you hear
  • Understanding written information
  • Expressing yourself verbally
  • Problem Sensitivity
  • Fluency of ideas
  • Memorization

Will you make money?

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Education stuff:

Education required
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Radio/TV/Film, Communications, Journalism or Broadcasting
Helpful resources
Local universities
International universities

Video Description

Once you’re on air, it’s a different world! Ghida Majzoub, Producer and TV Anchor has been working in TV for over 25 years and is actually the first female weather reporter in the Middle East! Can you put personal problems on hold and smile on camera? Can you discuss issues respectfully, intelligently, and in-depth? Watch the Nooreed Insider Interview with Ghida and see if TV Anchor or Producer is the job for you!


Main Anchor in the daily morning show “Alam Sabah”, Ghida Majzoub has conducted interviews with political, medical and social figures in the Arab society, covering all types of issues, and all the events that take place in Lebanon. Ghida has also produced and presented a segment called “Cinema” about the new releases in the movies and on DVD and covering all the major cinematic events in the world.

Besides being an ambitious TV producer and anchor, Ghida is also passionate about cinema, music and counts her blessing every day with the support of her loving family.