3 Freelance Jobs That Could Mean Career Freedom For You


Some freelancers joke that their laptop is their office; it’s -a  portable, convenient, and powerful tool. Of course, that is if you have wifi. The reality is that technology has made it easier for people to work freelance as opposed to being employed.

The rise of the ‘gig economy’ (as it is often referred to) is in response to the changing skills in the marketplace. Studies currently show that this economy is expected to grow to 43% of the U.S. job force by 2020. Soon after that, the rest of the world will follow. It almost seems like a dream when you consider freelancing means:

  • Setting your own hours
  • Working from any location in the world

The great thing is, freelancing is no longer limited to writing or graphic design. Below are 5 freelance jobs that could spell out career freedom for you.


The internet has evolved marketing to encompass a wide network of channels. Marketing requires creative vision and good writing skills. A wide range of online marketing tools (example: HootSuite and Buffer) can be linked to various accounts to make the job more efficient. The different roles include Social Media Manager, Marketing Strategist, Digital Marketing Guru, Publicist, and PR Officer.



You can call it content production, blogging, or copywriting. Whatever you call it, it is in demand. Writing leads to great content and that leads to sales! It’s a marketing strategy in its own right. Writing takes time and skill so e-commerce platforms, websites, and online services usually outsource the task to talented writers. Most writing tasks are charged per article, per page or hourly. Check out this great Nooreed video about Copywriting as a career.


Web/App Developer or Designer

Every company (restaurant, retailer, services, etc.) dream of having a website or app! Creating beautiful websites or apps requires tech skills specific to development (coding) and design. These skills can seem foreign to anyone without a Computer Science, Software Engineering, or Digital Graphic Design degree, so the demand is high (and so is the pay). The job is all about turning a vision into a digital reality. Here are some great examples from a Web Designer, Front-End Engineer. App Developer, and Software Architect.

There you have it! The list can go on to include Editing and Proofreading, Data Entry, Interior Designer or Virtual Assistant. Beware of any work-from-home job scams you find online that usually promise to pay out big sums of money and ask you for personal information. They’re likely trying to steal your identity (and your bank account).

Being a freelancer means you become the CEO of You Incorporated. In other words, more accountability and less sick days. You must build a reputation in something that you do well and that you love to do. If you don’t want to take to much risk, it could also be a side gig — a great way to make more money while keeping your day job.

To get set up, you’ll need to use an accounting platform (like Xero or Wave Accounting) to keep track of customer payments. You also need to promote your work online. Be sure to put everything in writing, be professional, and don’t forget to have fun! Afterall, you put the ‘free’dom in ‘free’lance so if you’re not enjoying it, stick to your day job.

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