5 Unusual Majors for Eccentric Students


From #MemeStudies to #TheBeatles, these 5 unusual university majors will blow your mind!


1. Meme Studies

Yes, you heard that right. UC Berkeley reportedly launched a Meme Studies department in 2017 and The. University of Cambridge announced a short course in meme studies that same summer, which allowed students to study popular memes before specializing in specific variants such as political memes.


2. The Beatles

Fan of The Beatles? You can major in “The Beatles, Popular Music and Society” at Liverpool Hope University! The curriculum is essentially centered around the significance of the English band’s music in the construction of various identities, audiences, industries and localities, so you got plenty to work with.


3. Happiness

You might be happy to know that the most popular course is Yale’s history is all about happiness. Taught by professor Laurie Santos, the course titled “Psychology and the Good Life” has even been repurposed into an online format to accommodate more learners after it was moved to a symphony hall given the class size!


4. Nannying

Kid at heart? You can pursue a degree in Nannying at Sullivan University to learn about child development, infant care techniques, nutritious meals and snacks, effective communication with parents and children and planning learning opportunities for children from infancy through adolescence.


5. Citrus

Last but not least, squeeze your brain with a degree in Citrus from Florida Southern College, where students learn about planting, irrigating, pruning, fertilizing and managing citrus trees by gaining hands-on experience through working with an on-campus collection featuring a wide variety of these planted trees.


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