Which Jobs are demanded in the US & Canada?

Trying to figure out which career to pursue? It might be helpful to look at a list of jobs that are in-demand in the country you want to work in. Here is a list of jobs that are in demand in the US and Canada

Here are some of the most demanded jobs:

       U.S. is in need of:

  • Commercial project managers are managers who seek opportunities and profits for businesses.
  • Computer vision engineers who deal with computers that can understand digital images and videos.
  • Data scientists who collect and use data to improve the quality of the businesses.
  • Nurses (Learn more about this job)
  • Optometrists or eye doctors who help detect and cure eye diseases.

 Canada is in need of:

  • Project engineers who design and implement plans.
  • Business analysts to collect and use information for the sake of one’s own company.
  • IT project managers who are up-to-date with modern day technology and are able to drive businesses to success.
  • Customer service representatives to handle any complaints and make sure customers are satisfied and are most likely visiting again soon.
  • Software engineers who are skilled in creating online platforms and applications (Learn more about this job)

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