5 Tips on How to Choose the Right Career

It tends to be overwhelming when you feel that your whole life depends on one single decision. How well
do you know yourself? Have you explored your interests fully? Take it easy, almost everyone you know
has gone through the same journey. It is an essential part of your future and an extremely eye-opening
experience, so enjoy it while it lasts! To assist you with the process, we present to you the 5 top career
tips to help you choose the right career path.

1. Define your career goals

When you think about your life in 10 years, where do you see yourself? If you imagine yourself living in
a fancy house and owning a fancy car, then you seek financial comfort. In this case, you must look for
careers that have a high salary range. What if you see yourself working in an NGO? Then you care about
helping others and providing what they need. Consequently, you must choose a path that matches your
objectives. The point is that you must identify what outcome you expect from having a certain career
path. After determining what your desired objective is, you can then choose a path that will help you
attain your goals.  

2. Determine your interests and skills

What do you enjoy doing? Try to imagine yourself doing that for the rest of your working life. If you do
what you love, you will succeed. Motivation keeps you going and impacts your performance positively. If
you have no passion, find out what you’re good at. If you feel that you aren’t interested in a certain field
or haven't discovered your hobbies yet, it would be time for you to take personality quizzes, go on
adventures, travel, be open for new activities, and meet a lot of new people. If you get a positive reaction
from neighbors, colleagues, or strangers after doing or showing them something of your own, then you
are most probably good at it. It might be your first step towards your future career path! 

3. Learn about the different careers available

It is probable that you still haven't chosen a certain field due to lack of knowledge of your options. Do a
lot of research and learn about different careers available, some might shock you. It is a fast-paced world,
so chances are there is a ton of new careers you have never heard of yet. After doing so, make a point of
digging deep into the ones that caught your attention. Write a list of your personal advantages and

disadvantages about each one and weigh them out. Choose the one with the most pros to you, it might
very well be a winner! 

4. Take note of which careers:

•    You might be compatible with
•    Have a high growth potential

There are two ways you can go about this from here, you either search for careers that are compatible
with your skills or interests as discussed above, or you choose careers that have a high growth potential. If
you discover that a certain field has an increasing market growth, then you know that you will be needed
and gain confidence about your choice. Knowing that a certain field is related to technology for example,
makes you realize that its market size is bound to increase with the progression of time. Having an
objective usually leads you to your decision and could be the reason that keeps you going despite
obstacles and inconveniences. 

5. Pick what matters to you the most

Start with a path you feel is right for you through job shadowing sessions or internships. They will help
you determine whether or not this is the track you want to remain in. Job Shadowing helps you experience
what it is like to work in that position hands on. You learn what the tasks required from you are, the
challenges you face, and the rewards you receive. 

Even if you try several paths and haven’t yet decided on one, don’t panic. It is normal to have second
thoughts about the most important decision of your life which will determine various aspects of your
future. What matters primarily is to make effort into implementing the above-mentioned steps and dare to
take actions that will lead you to life changing experiences.

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