"I still don't know what to Major in!"


Don't know what to Major in? Here's a simple way to find out which majors will help you reach your career goals. 


1. Start by taking our Free Career Quiz

2. Narrow down your career results (Look at the results above 70% and narrow down to 3 choices)

3. Study the profiles of each option - Take notes of the information that matters to you (Example: What are the skills required, which classes do you have to be good at, what are the challenges of the career, etc)

4. Look at the "Education Stuff" section below "Will You Make Money" - pay attention to the "Education Required" label which should give you the Bachelor degree and recommendations on how to take your education further. 

5. Write down the Majors listed in each section (Example: In order to become an Event Planner, a Bachelor's in Hospitality is recommended)

6. You now have a list of potential majors! You can also check to see which local universities provide this Major.


If you need help in analyzing your options further, please contact us on [email protected]

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