25 Career Ideas for Education Majors

Thinking about Majoring in Education?

Here is a list of possible career options to consider once you graduate.

  1. Admissions Director
  2. College Professor
  3. Curriculum Specialist
  4. Day Care Administrator
  5. Education Administrator
  6. Education Manager
  7. Education Materials Salesperson
  8. Education Researcher
  9. Educational Psychologist
  10. ESL Teacher
  11. Elementary Teacher
  12. Financial Aid Counselor
  13. Guidance Counselor
  14. Librarian
  15. Nonprofit Organization Director
  16. Physical Education Instructor
  17. Policy Analyst
  18. Registrar
  19. School Psychologist
  20. Secondary School Teacher
  21. Special Education Teacher
  22. Speech Pathologist
  23. Student Affairs Administrator
  24. Training Specialist
  25. Tutor

Some of these careers require further education or training. If you have any questions about those careers, please contact us on [email protected]

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