6 tips to get focused and productive

With the transitional phase going on in your life right now, you’re probably feeling overwhelmed, but don’t let these mixed feelings drag you down! The key to overcoming this phase is by remaining focused and productive.

Here’s what you can do to stay focused and productive:

  • Pay attention: It's easy to tune out and daydream. But sometimes, daydreaming will make you feel worse about your life today. Use that precious brainpower towards thinking up ways to get to that dream.
  • Stop Comparing: Social media is great and all, but too much of it will sometimes make you feel like your life isn't that great. But what you see is what other people are trying to show you - which means, it's not always real. Live an authentic life - it's worth a lot more. 
  • Set Goals: You know that feeling when you do really well on an exam? You put all your energy into preparing for it and you actually got the results you were hoping for? That feeling is what pushes you towards moving on to greater challenges with ease and confidence. That's the key to goal-setting - start small and slowly work your way up towards the tougher stuff.
  • Be Realistic: Will your world end if you don't submit a project on time? Probably not. Will it be uncomfortable and maybe painful to deal with the consequences? Maybe. But life goes on! Focus on what you can do, and stop stressing about what you can't! You've gotta be able to give yourself reality checks every now and then. 
  • Stay Organized: Limit the amount of stuff you pay attention to. Your mind can get so distracted by small things and you won't even realize it sometimes. You'll just feel confused and maybe even helpless.  Focus on what needs to be done. The rest can wait.
  • Ask for Help: It's okay to struggle with things - if you get stuck and need advice, reach out to someone who you respect for their honesty and hard-working nature. Buy them coffee in exchange for a quick chat. They'll answer your questions and remind you that things aren't as bad as they seem. And maybe that's really all you needed to hear :) 

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