Which jobs are demanded in Lebanon & the UAE?

Trying to figure out which career to pursue? It might be helpful to look at a list of jobs that are in-demand in the country you want to work in. Here is a list of jobs that are in demand in Lebanon and the UAE.  

Locally, Lebanon is in high demand of the following:

  • Nurses (tuitions in universities in Lebanon are even cheap per credit for this major to encourage enrolling in the nursing field). (Learn more about this job)
  • Human Resource managers to better understand and meet employee expectations, demands, and rights.
  • Social media specialists to market a brand online and gain recognition on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. by interacting with users. (Learn more about this job)
  • Online marketers to promote the products on websites and attract customers. (Learn more about this job)
  • Web developer professionals who create websites that give positive impressions to visitors. (Learn more about this job)
  • Hospitality managers and customer service consultants to always follow up with customers and better their experiences. (Learn more about this job)


Many Lebanese nationals live and work in the United Arab Emirates, and therefore, should be willing to adapt and qualify to the jobs demanded in that area.

UAE is in need for:

  • Pilots (Learn more about this job
  • Financial workers mostly to develop new tax risks and policies. (Learn more about this job)
  • Managers in many various positions (Learn more about this job)
  • IT specialists for E-commerce, online businesses that lets customers shop online.
  • Data analytics or Management Information System (MIS) captures data and uses to better understand the customers and the market to improve the quality of the business.


Although it's great to choose a career you're passionate about, it’s also important to understand how career opportunities will change over time. 

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